Commission Rebate
These days it’s easy to search for homes online.  More and more buyers are realizing all they need is help getting in to see houses, making the offer and working the deal to completion.  Why should an agent get paid thousands of dollars if you do the hard work of finding the house?   Through our affiliated real estate brokerage WaLaw Realty LLC, we provide our clients all the legal services above as well as real estate brokerage services like home tours and comparable market analysis.   Best of all, we chare less than traditional agents and give our client a commission rebate at closing.
When WaLaw is your broker we collect the commission paid by the seller and rebate it to you at closing less the balance of our flat fee.  Three percent (3%) of the sales price is still a typical commission and that means you can look forward to a refund of several thousand dollars at closing.
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