Holmes Law Group is a law firm focused on providing cost-effective legal counsel to buyers, sellers, and owners of residential real estate.

We help buyers and sellers. In conjunction with Washington Lawyers Realty LLC, we help clients buy or sell homes. For buyers, we rebate the full commission paid to us as their agent, often 3% of the sale price. Sellers save the difference between our fee and the “typical” listing commission. When we represent a buyer or seller, we effectively balance the client’s need for adequate legal protection against the desire of all parties for a smooth transaction. We don’t “over-lawyer” the transaction.

We are litigators. We handle disputes related to the purchase, sale, or ownership of residential property. We are aggressive advocates, but we never, ever lose sight of our goal: a successful, cost-effective resolution of each client’s problem.

Our real estate attorneys will provide you with legal counsel and representation when you need it. Please contact Marc to discuss your particular matter. All initial telephone consultations are free of charge.

Holmes Law Group
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